Our Services:

N.C.I.M. has an excellent and diversified customer base. We have provided a large variety molded products to many valued customers. Our services are known and trusted throughout the following industries:

Plastic Injection Molding:

Northern California Injection Molding boasts a 70,550 ft2 purpose-built facility, able to maintain Consistency, Quality and Value in all of our molded product. This translates into savings and reliability from your perspective as a customer. Our entire operation is based on Lean Manufacturing principles. We utilize an ERP System throughout, to manage our customer base, orders and scheduling all the way through to process monitoring, materials inventory, warehousing and shipping.

  • 37 Injection Molding Presses, ranging in Capacity from 40 to 500 Ton
  • Scheduled Press Availability
  • IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP System
  • Proven Reliable Delivery Record
  • Ability to maintain Competive Pricing

Clean Room Molding for Healthcare:

To meet the critical demands of the Healthcare industry, N.C.I.M. has dedicated 1356 ft2 of enclosed floor space to Medical Molding. Our 9 clean molding presses range from 40 to 150 Ton capacity. Molded product from these machines is delivered to an FS209E Class 100,000 / ISO Class 8 certified Clean Room environment. The packaging process is also performed within this controlled environment to prevent any contamination.

  • Dedicated Arburg Allrounder 370S, 470S & 520S Molding Presses
  • Arburg MultiLift H Robotic Cells (Enclosed) Clean Delivery Systems
  • 1100 ft2 Main Clean Room with Staged Entry/Gowning Area
  • 256 ft2 Portable Clean Room

Value-Added Services:

We are able to provide a complete sourcing solution, tailored to your long-term production requirements.

  • Quality Control Procedures that Extend Throughout all of our Processes
  • Manufacturing/Procurement Partnerships
  • Mold Maintenance, Adjustments and Modifications performed by our Sister Company, El Dorado Molds
  • In-Process QC and Product Testing
  • Precison, Multi-Component Product Assembly
  • Special Packaging
  • Warehousing, Shipping

Engineering, Tool Design & Mold Making:

El Dorado Molds is a sister company of N.C.I.M. Sharing a 93,800 ft2 facility, we are able to seamlessly link full Engineering and Mold Making services to our Injection Molding capabilities.

  • Product Development Assistance
  • Multi-Cavitation Tooling of High-Complexity and Holding Close Tolerances
  • Hot Runner Molds, Overmolding, Insert Molds
  • Best-in-Class Tooling and Manufacturing Methods
  • Precision High Speed Machining and Graphite Milling Centers
  • Full EDM Capabilities with CNC Sinker and Wire Machines
  • Dedicated Staff of Highly Skilled Designers, Mold Makers, Programmers and Specialty Machinists