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Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Outlook and Economic Forecast

One of the featured guests at this business community event, Glen Shrigley spoke about our corporate ethics and the optimistic futures of El Dorado Molds and Northern California Injection Molding. We are pleased that Rancho Cordova chose both of our companies as positive examples of the city's 2018 Economic Development Forecast.

Posted February 16th, 2018

BIOMEDevice Show, San Jose

Kevin, Glen and Chris at the 2017 BIOMEDevice Show!

These gentlemen represent both El Dorado Molds and Northern California Injection Molding. They stand proud to discuss our state of the art Mold-Making and Molding facilities located here in California, USA. Since the BIOMEDevice Show is a premier exposition for the MedTech Industry, we are also here to promote our ISO Class 8 (FS209E Class 100,000) Certified Clean Room Molding facility.

Here is a link to the 2017 BIOMEDevice San Jose show site.
December 6th & 7th at the San Jose Convention Center
Booth #1206

Posted December 6th, 2017

Clean Room Molding Capabilities

Clean Room Molding is one of the many high-quality services available here at N.C.I.M. This type of molding fulfills the need to have plastic injection molded parts that are produced and packaged all within a specially controlled environment. Our enclosed clean room areas have air particulate filtration systems and require gowning procedures and cleanliness standards. Clean room molding typically caters to the requirements of medical products. However, any product requiring a high level of cleanliness can be molded in this way.

Shown in this post, is our fully operational 1100 ft2 class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) dedicated clean room, part of the 1356 ft2 of enclosed ‘clean’ floor space that we have built to service the Healthcare industry. This is only part of our total operations. Having 35 injection molding presses ranging in capacity from 40 to 500 Tons, N.C.I.M. can provide a full range of molding services to many other industries: Automotive, Communications, Custom Eyewear and Electronics being some of them.

Posted July 07th, 2017

New Molding Presses

We have just added 2 new Nissei America, Inc. FNX 220 injection molding presses to our production floor. Featuring a max tonnage of 237 US tons, and a shot size of 16.9 oz., these machines should feel right at home amidst our fleet of high-precision injection molding presses. Investing in this new equipment will help to provide us with the additional capacity needed to handle the growth of our existing customer base, as well as meet the needs of our future customers.

Posted April 19th, 2017

Additional Arburg 470 S Injection Molding Machine

N.C.I.M. has added another Arburg 470 S injection molding machine to further expand the capacity of our Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) Clean Room. This machine will be the third 88 Ton Arburg dedicated to medical molding, along with other similar machines of both larger and smaller capacity. Once the new Arburg has been precisely set in place, leveled and connected, an integrated MULTILIFT H robotic cell will also be installed. The robotic cell will automate the delivery of molded product into clean packaging.

Posted March 30th, 2017

Employee Safety Programs

We are proud of our sister company, N.C.I.M., for reaching this important milestone in their safety record. This is quite impressive for a manufacturing company who employs over 100 workers. It has gone unnoticed until now, but our skilled staff on the El Dorado Molds side of the business has maintained an equally impressive record of safety.

The manufacturing environment at Northern California Injection Molding is a high-paced one. With so much activity, it is imperative that we foster a good safety environment for our valued employees. We strictly comply to Cal/OSHA standards and follow the California IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program). In doing so, we schedule periodic safety meetings for all staff. We proactively maintain proper training, including First-Aid/CPR classes and detailed safety protocols for our equipment use and work processes. And beyond the many safety-checks that we have in place, there exists a team oriented environment where we simply watch each other’s back. This is the culture that we maintain, and it goes hand-in-hand with the high level of quality products that we produce for our customers.

In January 2017, we passed another milestone. The entire staff at N.C.I.M. has maintained a safe workplace environment for over 5 years! 1752 work days equates to over 1.25 million employee man-hours and millions of injection molded parts produced from thousands of orders for hundreds of companies. All of this done while maintaining safety as a priority in our workplace.

Congratulations to everyone at Northern California Injection Molding for this historic achievement.

Posted March 1st, 2017

New Mold Maker Apprentice

We’d like to introduce Brent, who has been selected for the El Dorado Molds, Inc. Mold Maker apprenticeship program. As our newest enrolled apprentice, Brent will be guided through a minimum of 8400 hours of precision machine training and Tooling U-SME study sessions spanning the next 4 years. The program is federally accredited, and sanctioned by the SME. By the end of the program this young man will successfully emerge as a highly-skilled craftsman, machinist and mold maker.

Posted February 15th, 2017

MD&M Show, Anaheim

Come visit Peter, Glen, and Todd in booth 3946 at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Trade Show in Anaheim to get the latest news on how Northern California Injection Molding, Inc., and sister company El Dorado Molds, Inc., have been utilizing their recently added 1100 square-foot, Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8), clean room to serve the medical industry, as well as find out what’s in store for the rest of 2017. We’d love to see you face-to-face.

Posted February 8th, 2017

Clean Room Upgrade

Our 1100 square-foot, Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8), dedicated clean room is getting an upgrade! In the coming months we will be adding three Arburg molding presses (Tonnage of 55, 88, 150) which include robotic auxiliary equipment as part of our clean room expansion. In addition, we will soon be adding two Nissei molding presses to our main production floor. Stay tuned for more details.

Posted February 8th, 2017

Graduate of El Dorado Molds Apprenticeship Program

Congratulations to Todd Skawienski, our most recent graduate of the El Dorado Molds, Inc. Mold Maker apprenticeship program. This program is federally accredited, and sanctioned by the SME. Through a period of four years, each chosen student is guided through 8400 hours of precision machine training and Tooling U-SME study sessions.

Todd is the Technical Sales leader for both El Dorado Molds, Inc. and Northern California Injection Molding, Inc. The additional knowledge of Mold Making compliments Todd’s great customer-care skills, allowing him to better guide and technically advise those in need of our services.

Pictured with Todd is the owner of El Dorado Molds, Inc., Bob Brewer (left) and V.P. of Operations, Glen Shrigley (right).

Posted December 21st, 2016

BIOMEDevice Show, San Jose

Glen, Phil and Todd, proudly attending the 2016 San Jose BIOMEDevice Show. One of N.C.I.M.’s most recent expansions is an 1100 square-foot, Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) Clean Room. Northern California Injection Molding, Inc. has the advanced capabilities required to produce injection-molded parts for the Medical Industry. Its sister company, El Dorado Molds, is able to build the highest quality tooling that is required for this industry.

Posted December 10th, 2016